An Interview With David Monroe


"It's about Imagery"

David has been a photographer for almost 40 years. Until now, his fine art was held in private collections or museums.  His style invites the viewer on a journey of revelation and intent.

David says, "I am an imagist, not a photographer.  I don't take photographs, I create imagery!

I have a unique perspective on the world from years of exercising not only my eye for lighting, composition and balance, but by slowing down and listening to how my spirit directs me to create art with intent that reflects to the viewer.

David's love of the craft of photography began when he was 12, it afforded him the ability to capture the world and share it as he saw it. His fascination with the tools he had at his disposal led David deep into the nuts and bolts of photography; he built his own large and medium format cameras, created "dark rooms" in the wild, and developed a system of understanding exposure that still serves him well today.

The advent of digital photography opened a new world to David.  He began shooting with a digital medium format camera along with his other digital equipment.  He built his own unique camera system that allows him to take round images.  Rather than editing images into a round mask, many of David's images are shot in the round.

David's commitment to the art of photography and his dedication to his own spiritual growth help to capture the viewer's imagination in a unique way, pulling them into these portals of intent.

Artist statement of David Monroe

Take a look at David's Artist Statement.

Defining a New Style of Photography


Creating imagery with the "end" in mind, searching for the best representation of the guidance and messages he receives, David Monroe's path of discovery results in images that speak to the soul.

"By meditating and listening to guidance from spirit during the image creation process, I have found a deeper understanding of why I am shooting what I am shooting, and a path to creating the clearest representation of Spirit’s intent," says David.

Along with the introduction of his work to the general public, David not only shares his art but also his wisdom, style, and teachings.

Recent Exhibitions

Image Selected for FMOPA Jumbotron June 2019


The Image "Acceptance" was selected for display on FMOPA's outdoor Jumbotron for all of Tampa to see.



My favorite Art Place, Sundial, St Pete Florida

International Exhibition UPA GALLERY 2018


Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

FMOPA, Florida Museum of Photographic Art 2016-17-18


UPA Gallery Exhibitions at FMOPA

South East Center for Photographic studies & Southeast Museum of Photography 2013


David has several images on archive at the Museum and with the College Alumni Collection.  

"Nature Through My Eyes

Light in Florida ASMP, China 2010


2010 "Light in Florida", Qinghai Three Rivers Photo Festival, China 

Jury awarded "Best Thematic Exhibit of the show"

What Others Say About David's Work


The meditation produces the vision,

the art transmutes it into a meditative piece.

Pierre Dutertre (Curator and President of UPAG, United Photographic Artist Gallery)

Florida Museum of Photographic Art 2018, UPAGallery Show

I was blown away by David Monroe's Work . It definitely needs to be experienced, and the placement in the exhibit was a wonderful introduction the the show.  Exquisite work.

Michael Sheehan, Docent FMOPA


Meditational work from the vision to the output. 

Zora (Executive Director of FMOPA, Florida Museum of Photographic Art)

Contact David

Portals of Intent, David Monroe Photography LLC