David's Philosophy and Teachings

Discover how to radically transform your art through your connection with Spirit. 

You cannot have what you are not willing to become!

Cultivating an awareness of your connection to your spirit organically evolves into your own unique artistic expression. As you learn to strengthen your connection, your
art/messages/vision will become a more authentic expression. 

We will work together to develop your awareness of your innate connection to spirit, help you identify why you choose the subjects that you do, and develop a process with you to bring your spirit to life in your artistic expressions.


20 minute consult

Find out how I can help you in your photography journey


Hourly Sessions


Hourly consults are short direct specific conversations / teachings about your specific Topics. They can range from the simplest questions of camera functions or spirit, to an in depth meaning of the spirit that is driving you.


One-on-one sessions with david

 A 1-on-1 in-depth session (vs. an hourly consult) with David Monroe is personally tailored to you; it could include personal guidance towards a deeper connection to your work through spirit, what you are creating and why, how to listen to spirit and hear what it has to say, learning how to use this info to create more intentional imagery, or a discussion about simple camera ergonomics and functions and how those functions affect the image you want to create. If we are out shooting, we can explore how all of these come into play to express your true connection to your art. 


Weekend Intensives

Rejuvenate your art and your passion for your work with a transformational workshop. As a group we will explore, contemplate, and support each other to create images that speak from our hearts and spirits.


Spiritual Transformational Photographic Journeys

Join David for an enlightening transformational photographic retreat that includes deep, internal spiritual work along with the craft of photography.

Learn how to access what spirit is driving you to do and use this to center your work and life.

Various journeys are offered and guest instructors help to enrich many of our retreats.


Meet Ups

See listings of all my current journeys, weekends, and my casual meet ups on my events page.  Meet ups are my scouting days and you are welcome to join me.

My Blog


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